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Business Services

Business Services

The attorneys at Norris Choplin Schroeder LLP advise and litigate on behalf of individuals and businesses in the following areas:

  • Commercial Litigation
    • We represent plaintiffs and defendants in business disputes in state and federal courts throughout Indiana. In addition, we work with lawyers on a co-counsel and referral basis.


  • Entity Formation
    • We prepare documents supporting the formation of many kinds of business entities, including:
      • Corporations
      • Limited liability companies
      • Partnerships
    • We also provide our business clients assistance in the preparation governing documents including:
      • Articles of Incorporation
      • By-laws
      • Management and shareholder agreements
      • Operating agreements
      • Corporate records
  • Contracts
    • We negotiate and prepare all types of contracts, including:
      • Contracts for the sale of goods
      • Security agreements
      • Employment contracts including non-compete agreements
      • Non-disclosure agreements
      • Other documents necessary for business operations
      • Protection of trade secrets and proprietary information
    • We consult regarding insurance coverage adequacy.


  • Real Estate
    • Our attorneys handle a variety of residential and commercial real estate transactions and contracts, including:
      • Purchase agreements
      • Leases and land contracts
      • Rights of first refusal
      • Environmental indemnity agreements

NCS Business Services Attorneys

Thomas B. Bays



Robert A. Duncan

Of Counsel


Scott A. Harkness



Katelyn H. Juerling



Pete Schroeder



Mary Jo Wedding

Of Counsel