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About Our Firm

In 1980, our founders established Norris Choplin Schroeder (NCS) to provide honest, excellent, responsive, and efficient civil litigation, trial, and mediation services to our clients. Our core values of respect, care, integrity, commitment, and excellence serve as a foundation for these services. Building on solid vision and leadership for more than 40 years, the NCS client base and practice areas have expanded and the NCS family has grown, but our values remain:


Respect – dignity for the person, inclusion through communication, and courtesy

Care – protection of client interests, each other, and humanity through context and perspective

Integrity – honesty and forthrightness

Commitment – proactivity, efficiency, thoroughness, and perseverance

Excellence – exacting standards and best practices we have developed for more than 40 years

Our adherence to these core values, coupled with our collective experience, determines the extent of success in every situation. So, we strive to uphold these values and apply collective wisdom in all that we do. Solving problems in unique ways often brings a measure of peace to clients who might otherwise feel stressed when engaged in legal disputes or when seeking to avoid legal disputes.

From plane crash litigation
to construction site failures or contract disputes...
From malfunctioning equipment 
to truck and vehicle catastrophes...
From insurance coverage and risk assessment
to family law issues...

NCS offers a consistently positive experience to each client and case by applying time-tested values, innovative thinking, and best practices.

Timeless Values.
Innovative Thinking.

How our values impact our work and the client experience

Innovative Thinking Through Collaboration

The NCS team collaborates to achieve excellence for our clients. We select our lawyers and professional staff based upon their ethics, competencies, commitment to excellence, and range of experiences. Each contributes valuable insight and skills to our firm’s offerings. Consequently, clients receive the same elevated level of collective experience and innovative problem-solving regardless of the NCS professionals with whom they work.

A Client-First Mentality

While successful litigation requires analytical and strategic perspective, our attention is also focused on the people we serve. Respect and care through the process are as important as achieving excellent results for the individuals and/or businesses impacted. From the initial consultation to the close of the case, we emphasize client communication and apply our values of respect and integrity to the relationship to better ensure an overall positive experience.

Stability and Balance

In addition to practicing law, NCS lawyers and professional staff invest in their families, activities, and community organizations. The NCS culture encourages and supports these efforts as part of its commitment to core values of respect, care, integrity, commitment, and excellence. Leading balanced lives keeps us grounded in the community and aware of the complex stakes for each client.

The History of NCS Law

Norris Choplin Schroeder LLP (NCS) is honored to celebrate more than 40 years of service. Established in 1980, founders Rick Norris and John Choplin sought to bring values to clients that they believed also served the firm’s lawyers and professional staff members and their families. Rick and John envisioned a family-friendly environment for the practice of law, serving to benefit law firm employees and clients. Rick and John possessed unique trial and aviation experience from which to draw upon for building the firm, as well as their commitment to family and community. Delivering quality service to clients while at the same time honoring family life, Rick, John, and Pete Schroeder, the third longest tenured partner, served as role models for excellent legal work combined with a family-oriented culture of care.

For more information about specific representative experience, refer to cases cited in the individual, downloadable attorney profiles below.

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